don’t run.

When it comes to building our clients’ wealth, we don’t rush. We help them secure their financial futures by taking the long view and sticking to our plan.

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About Us

We are an investment management firm deeply committed to thinking long term, in everything we do. We help our clients build their capital while keeping it safe. Learn more about us

Our Approach

We keep things simple. We manage one portfolio of stocks, the Longview Portfolio. Everyone in our firm owns exactly the same stocks as our clients. Read more

Our Returns

We keep our eyes on the long term. Since inception, the Longview Portfolio has produced superior investment returns combined with relatively low volatility. See our performance

Light Reading

We regularly voice our opinions on investing in newspaper articles as well as our thought piece, The Long View. We also like to recommend books on investing. Our reading material

Highly rational investing. By really nice people.

We protect and build wealth by taking the long view. That means removing the emotion from investing and adhering to a rigorous process. At the same time, we build strong, long term relationships with our clients. We don’t make unrealistic promises. We do commit to highly-disciplined investing and first class service.