Nitty-gritty details

Our custodian.

We do not hold any of our clients’ assets. All client accounts are held in the client’s name by our global custodian, National Bank Independent Network Inc. (NBIN). Each client has a direct contractual relationship with the custodian. Our role is to manage the investments inside the accounts for our clients. We do not receive any compensation from the custodian.

Investing in the Longview Portfolio.

There are two ways to invest in the Longview Portfolio:

  • Through one or more segregated accounts, which might include personal taxable accounts, RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, corporate accounts and/or charitable foundation accounts.
  • By purchasing units in our pooled fund, the Longview Equity Fund, which mirrors the holdings in the Longview Portfolio.

To ensure we have no more clients than we can service well, we have a high minimum account size per family, endowment or charity.