The Long Story

We keep our eyes on the long term. Since inception, the Longview Portfolio has produced superior investment returns combined with relatively low volatility.

Highly disciplined strategy. Successful results.

The investment returns of the Longview Portfolio are shown in the table below.

Longview Portfolio Composite*
Returns to:
31st, Dec.. 2018
Past 5 YearsSince Inception
11.3% per year*15.8% per year*

The progress of the Longview Portfolio on an annual basis is shown in the graph below.

Value of $100 invested in the Longview Portfolio Composite*

Our outperformance has been earned with less volatility than the market, as represented by the most relevant benchmark for the Longview Portfolio, the MCSI World Index.

5 Year Analysis (to December 31st, 2018)
1. Based on a composite of all discretionary client accounts having a 100% equity mandate. (i.e., 100% invested in the Longview Portfolio.)
2. Inception date is September 30, 2011.
3. All figures are in Canadian dollars.
4. All returns are before investment management fees.