Why the long view?

We don’t focus on good days, we focus on good decades.

We’re not afraid of commitment. We believe in and have the patience to build long-term relationships, both with our clients and with the companies in the Longview Portfolio.

The predictability of short term unpredictability.

In the short term, the direction of the stock market is unpredictable.

What is relatively predictable is that, over the long run, the stock market will continue to generate attractive returns. We are confident that the companies in the Longview Portfolio will increase their economic value over time — and that their share prices will follow the value upwards, albeit not in a straight line.

When stock markets misprice a business based on short-term, emotional reactions, we see an opportunity. We cut through the noise, focus on the facts and take the long view.

We’re interested in your future’s future.

Our investment strategy is particularly suited to inter-generational family planning, endowments and charities. Our focus is on safe, long term capital accumulation and the powerful effect of compounding before-tax returns over time.

Our aim is to get to know our clients well and to understand their unique needs. We sit down with our clients regularly, to revisit their goals and to keep them up to date on the Longview Portfolio.

A firm for the future.

Longview is built for the long run. Our team is made up of partners in a growing and successful business. We feel pride in our accomplishments. Our success comes from a combination of our commitment to clients, the temperament of our team, a rigorous investment process and the alignment of our goals with our clients’ goals.