Investment approach

Private wealth. Built to last.

We seek to achieve superior after-tax returns while minimizing risk for our clients.

We do so by investing in the shares of publicly listed companies, the best performing asset class over time.

We don’t get flustered by ups and downs in the markets. We expect them. It takes discipline, experience and rigour to ensure our investment decisions aren’t just right for today, but for many years to come.

All investment decisions at Longview are made by our Investment Committee.

Simple, not easy.

We manage a single, global portfolio of stocks, the Longview Portfolio.

Our investment strategy is as follows:

  • We buy shares in high quality companies when their stock market values are below our estimate of their economic value.
  • We think long term — like business owners, not traders — hoping to own the companies we buy for many years.
  • We have a disciplined, repeatable investment process designed to keep bias and emotion out of our decision-making.
  • Before being considered for the Longview Portfolio, a company is subject to our own detailed, bottom-up research and checklists.
  • We constantly re-evaluate companies in the Longview Portfolio using both qualitative research and quantitative factors.

All our eggs in one high-conviction basket.

The Longview Portfolio is restricted to 15 to 25 companies at any one time, to maximize our ability to outperform.

We have the flexibility to invest around the world, across industries and up and down the size spectrum of companies.

Everyone at Longview is an investor in the Longview Portfolio, alongside our clients. We all own exactly the same stocks in exactly the same weightings.