Working with Longview

Review. Plan. Implement. Repeat.

We know our clients well and build long-term relationships. Doing so ensures that we are able to provide them with the best possible advice and add the most value.

Working with our clients involves an ongoing process.

  • Review: We begin by understanding each client’s financial circumstances, including their goals and asset map.
  • Plan: We assist our clients in developing the most appropriate financial plan for them. This includes preparing financial projections and developing an asset allocation strategy. While some clients don’t need our planning assistance, most find that it helps them sleep at night.
  • Implement: Our expertise is in buying stocks – ownership stakes in publicly traded businesses – at sensible prices. Our one, global portfolio, the Longview Portfolio, is made up of 15 to 25 stocks in high quality companies that we hope to own for many years. If appropriate, we also work with our clients to identify and vet alternative asset partners, to round-out their portfolios.
  • Repeat: We meet face to face with our clients at least once every year. In addition to reviewing their investments, we update their financial goals, asset map, financial projection and investment plan.

Along the way, we offer bespoke financial education sessions with our clients and their family members. We believe that everyone should understand the language of investing.

Clear communication and transparent business practices mean that our clients always understand what we are doing on their behalf and why.